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Ryokan Uotoshi  (Mr Miyasaka)      0269-33-1215    or +81-269-33-1215 from overseas
Ryokan Shiimaya  (Mr Yumoto)      0269-33-2151    or +81-269-33-2151 from overseas
Ryokan Biyu                                 0269-33-4126    or +81-269-33-4126 from overseas
Ryokan Bozanso  (Mr & Mrs Ikeda) 0269-33-2131    or +81-269-33-2131 from overseas

Ryokans near Yudanaka station at

There are often volunteers waiting at Yudanaka Station to help.
One, Tanaka-san is a nurse & very kind.
Another is Sato-sensei, a real-life retired Japanese High school teacher...maybe the perfect person to bump into.
(tips are not Japanese culture - but appreciated all the same)

100m up hill from Yudanaka station
 (Mr Sho)     0269-33-2138

1km downhill from Yudanaka station 
general inquires 0269-33-1107