Yudanaka Hotsprings & Snow Monkeys

SNOW MONKEY BEER & ROCK FESTIVAL SHIGAKOGEN  The best ever event in Shigakogen National Park!! 
40Beer manufacturuers & 10bands come together for 48hours of snow beer garden & live music.  
2012 March 17 & 18.  
See link for booking details, or email craig@yudanakastation.com for assistance.
"I would like to share a photo taken with Itsuo-san at the Yudanaka Station, as an appreciation for his very kind help when we arrived at Yudanaka station, clueless about where to go, what to see and how to get hold of the hotel people to arrange for transport." Reuben 

FREE ELECTRIC BICYCLE from Yudanaka Station -backside (Use if Show your passport & proof you're staying in Yudanaka) 
Welcome to Yamanouchi Village & Yudanaka Station especially.
Nagano Dentetsu Train to Yudanaka  
Help revive derelict trainline through Nagano orchards & snow monkeys by ridning 'The Snow Monkey Train',
or the older more seasoned if you're into it.


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Contacts for information in English:

There are often volunteers waiting at Yudanaka Station to help.
One, Tanaka-san is a nurse & very kind.
Another is Sato-sensei, a real-life retired Japanese High school teacher...maybe the perfect person to bump into.
(tips are not Japanese culture - but appreciated all the same)

100m up hill from Yudanaka station
 (Mr Sho)     0269-33-2138

1km downhill from Yudanaka station 
general inquires 0269-33-1107

Ryokan Uotoshi  (Mr Miyasaka)      0269-33-1215    or +81-269-33-1215 from overseas
Ryokan Shiimaya  (Mr Yumoto)      0269-33-2151    or +81-269-33-2151 from overseas
Ryokan Biyu                                 0269-33-4126    or +81-269-33-4126 from overseas
Ryokan Bozanso  (Mr & Mrs Ikeda) 0269-33-2131    or +81-269-33-2131 from overseas
Ryokan Yorozuya ( Mr & Mrs Ono)  0269-33-2117    or +81-269-33-2117 from overseas

Ryokans near Yudanaka station at yudanaka-onsen.info

For seeing the sights in a hurry - Find Oshima-san, one of the Taxi drivers & a specialist camera-man himself.
Oshima-san works for Hokushin-Taxi, part of Yudanaka-station / Nagaden Railway.